Vegan Pasta Recipes

Who loves pasta?

I do. And I like cooking it too. It is probably the single food term that unites such a large variety of shape and taste. It is actually one of the most commonly used ingredients. Pasta based recipes could come from any culture around the globe –  in Italy (of course) it is a tradition and also and art, but it actually originates from China and is widely used in the Middle East. It’s served and enjoyed all over the world and everywhere new interesting ways to serve it are created.  

Now – what this article is about is to create a small collection of vegan pasta recipes, dividing it in two – the dough and the sauce. These I will be publishing in the recipes page regularly, every time I get some inspiration or try something new.

But first – here’s some about:

What is pasta? “A dish originally from Italy consisting of dough made from durum wheat and water, extruded or stamped into various shapes and typically cooked in boiling water.” Source: Wikipedia.

Vegan Pasta? The conventional pasta sold in the supermarkets is usually vegan – it is made of flour and water. It comes as whole grain, rice or corn, may be flavored with spinach, carrots or other. Also, there are some types of pasta which have eggs added – they are (obviously) not vegan and appear more yellow than the regular types, but it is usually indicated on the packaging.

Vegan Pasta Recipes: the dough. Nothing better than fresh pasta! Takes longer to make than when bought from the supermarket and requires to be handy with tools like а rolling pin. But still – making your own pasta dough allows improvisation with both taste and shape.

Here are recipes how to make vegan pasta dough.

Vegan Pasta Recipes – the sauce. A great thing about pasta is that flavoring it could fit any taste, season and cooking abilities. A real chance to put your creativity in action. As “the sauce” I’m referring to everything that could be added to the dough – from regular pasta sauces to lasagna.

Here are recipes how to make vegan pasta sauce.

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