Tips for a Semi Vegan Diet Weight Loss

Reducing the amount of meat and dairies in your diet can help you look better? Yes, it worked for me. It is not an easy or a fast process – on the contrary. But the results are amazing and most important, long lasting.

What is more, a vegan diet weight loss is more sustainable and healthier than any other food regime for weight loss. It can also be a lifestyle, a conscious choice you make that helps you feel and look better.

Let’s start with the simple fact that your body will get slimmer slowly. You’ll avoid the stress your metabolism endures due to the drastic change of your menu. Go slowly, adapt your body and get long term results.

Second – eating vegan means consuming a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Do I have to say why this is good?

Third – reducing your consumption of dairy and meat decreases one side the added sugar and salt they contain, and all the hormones/antibiotics/god-knows-what the poor animals get stuffed with, on the other. This can’t be bad either.

Next, I’d like to point out that vegan diet weight loss is possible because junk food is out of the menu. No over-processed food, stick to the basics.

Finally, it is easy to turn things around and make it a lifestyle choice, rather than a diet you must follow for 90 days, then back to your old habits.

The biggest obstacle to overcome is feeling you’re restricted in some way. Humans hate restriction. Even if you know that not having this ice-cream is for your own good, deep down you still want it.

So I came up with a plan on how to get started on a semi-vegan diet and enjoy it, with the ultimate goal to lose weight and feel better in your skin:

Start with a single vegan day per week. Let’s say “Vegan Wednesday”. Find some nice place where vegan meals are served or bring something you’ve prepared on your own at home.

– In few weeks, make it two or three days per week. As many as you feel fine with.

– Time to introduce the “Fruit Monday” strategy – on Mondays eat only fruit and drink water or tea. This will help you take the toxins out of your body.

– Think of the non-vegan meals as ones for special occasions, and of the vegan – as of your everyday food. This kind of mindset is important because it prevents you feeling on a diet all the time. And you’ll end up enjoying your non-vegan dinner even more, because it’s special.

– Find a way to enjoy the vegan days by sharing them with somebody. Involve your family and friends. You don’t have to go all crazy vegan on them, make it fun. Cook together, try that new restaurant that just opened, experiment.

Once you get started it should go very easily. But to retain the results, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind, on both vegan and non-vegan days:

  • Stay away from salt, sugar and white flour. The three white poisons they’re call, for a reason.
  • Eat as much raw and fresh food as you can. Fruit is great for the mornings, not after lunch. Got to the farmer’s market, fill your bags with fresh produce and challenge yourself to eat everything before it goes bad.
  • Never mix fruit and nuts – it will swallow your belly for hours.
  • Try to separate proteins from carbs. “Meat and potato” are the worst possible thing to eat. So is, to my great regret, pizza.
  • Drink a cup of green tea at least once per day.
  • Exercise – walk, dance, play badminton outdoors.

Where to get started? The answer is at home. Here’re some easy recipes for yummy vegan meals that might be helpful to get started in the vegan diet weight loss lifestyle. Dropping the extra pound will come in a natural way, just give it a chance.

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