On Benefits of Basil and a Vegan Pesto Recipe

To all basil lovers! Basil, king of herbs, the sacred plant, is back in the menu. Check out how much more there is about it, except the obvious good looks.

Mr. Basil has it all.

Health* – Anti-bacterial  properties, not only for the digestion track, but also used as an extracted oil, for example. Good source of vitamin A, vitamin  K, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, dietary fiber, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C and potassium. Makes nice tea and has a slight relieving effect on nausia.

*this is not to be used to diagnose health problems or for treatment purposes, but as general information.

Beauty – Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, basil may have positive effect on skin problems such as acne and other skin infections. Nice additive to any homemade vegan cosmetics.

Food – Combines well with any tomato based dishes, from pasta sauce to salad, olives and pretty much everything typical for the sub-tropical areas. Good seasoning for pasta or bread dough. It is best to add it in the end of cooking as it’s aroma evaporates very quickly when heated. Can be stored frozen and this is a better way to keep its taste and aroma properties than drying. I prefer it fresh (or frozen when fresh is not available).

Other – Rumor has it basil is an efficient mosquito repellent if grown by a window, because of its strong scent.

Is there a better way to enjoy the flavour of fresh basil than make a pesto and put it on everything? Here’s how:

Ingredients of the Vegan Pesto Recipe (one small jar):

6-7 stems of fresh basil

3-4 cloves of garlic

30g walnuts

4 tbsp olive oil

a pinch of salt

Remove the basil leaves from the stems and put with the garlic, the walnuts, the salt and two tbsp of the olive oil in a food processor and reduce to a paste. Move the paste in a small jar where you’ll be keeping it and pour the remaining olive oil for conservation. Keep refrigerated, it will last long enough to eat it all.

Vegan is Good!

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