New Way New Life*

Dearest readers,

Vegan Is Good has been around for sometime now, with its highs and lows, and I feel it’s time for a change.

Observation during the last several months made me realize, that the current format has used up its potential to a level where no matter what, the results seem to be same. So, I need a radical change and the new looks will be just the beginning. New challenges, new topics and everything around the idea that the simple things in life are part of the journey called happiness.

Change is good (as is vegan, hehe) and there’re times in life when we have to let go the old ways and take an unexplored path.

So here it is: all the tasty vegan experiments will go on and will be published here. But, I want to make the site more interesting, helpful and discussion raising. What comes to my mind is sharing some travel stories and impressions, experience, thoughts and other interesting related stuff.

But tell me, what else would you like to read about here?



* One of my favourite Asian Dub Foundation tracks :)

photo credit: Shermeee

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One thought on “New Way New Life*”

  1. Здрасти Диана,
    Бих искал да се възползвам от обновяването на сайта ти, за да си изпрося във връзка със скорошния ми рожден ден, ако може пак да направиш такъв хубав и вкусен кекс (като този от миналата година) и по възможност в по-големи количества ;-).
    Иначе поздравления за интересния блог и успех!
    Джорджи :-)

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