And why Vegan is Good?

Human beings are evolutionary omnivores. Don’t believe me? – compare your teeth to those of a cow (herbivore), a cat (carnivore) and a pig (same as yours, hah). And still – since humanity engaged in agriculture, the food they grew, served and consumed was predominantly vegan. The pre-conventional agriculture person was eating vegan food approximately 250 days in the year. This fact has left a strong mark on human culture all over the world – everywhere it is believed that it is necessary to willingly abstain from some food, drink, or both, for a period of time. Call it fasting, sawm, whatever.

This is one of the oldest traditions humanity has and it has dramatically changed in the last 50 years. Meat and diaries are a constant presence in the everyday meals and humans have forgotten the old ways. Interestingly, in the approximately the same time, some unusual problems appeared – heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure have been weighting on humans as never before. See the connection? I do.

Actually, I’m not vegan. But since I’ve realized the above and adopted a lifestyle of a semi-vegan in 2009 (avoid meat and diaries when possible and dedicate several days of the week to vegan meals) crucial changes occurred to my body and mind. I permanently lost some weight (yeah, those 5-6 kilograms I used to find sooo annoying). Started taking more dance classes and increased my overall sports activities with ease. And – since then, never been really badly hung over 🙂

Here are four reasons that make me cook and eat vegan, and most important – enjoy it:

Vegan is Healthy  Eating vegan and raw food several times per week will make you lose weight, look better, be full of energy and feel better. Go back to the roots.

Vegan is more Sustainable  Conventional livestock farming is the most polluting, water using, greenhouse gases emitting and cruel industry humans have ever managed to create. And don’t give me that crap about pesticides and migrant workers picking the vegetables – buy seasonal (see recipes for autumn-winter, spring-summer or all season meals) and local products. It’s your choice who you’re giving your money to after all!

Vegan brings Cultures together  Vegan meals are dominant menu in all ancient cultures – from India and the Middle East, through South East Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Vegan is a Challenge – My first rule – never follow a recipe to the letter. Use your imagination and creativity, change it according to your personal taste, improvise and share your experience.

Vegan cooking is often regarded as unsuited for our lifestyle, but actually it is not – all you need is a couple of good ideas and someone to introduce you to the rich world of vegetables, cereal and nuts. So here’s me, willing to share thoughts, recipes and knowledge with everyone who wants such wonderful change for themselves.

Bon appetit!


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