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My name is Diana and here’s the story how this site came to existence.

I’ve always had an interest in cooking. It enchants me with the large field for improvisation and experiment it provides. Trying something new and changing it according to one’s own taste, there are few parts of everyday life which allow to put creativity ahead and even have other people enjoy it. Well not all of the time, but hopefully most of them.

At certain point of my life, let’s say when I was about 25-26, I realised that my body no longer supports that easily all the not so good things I filled it up with. If at the age of 20 I was capable of eating everything, drink a two digit number of cocktails/beers and feel and look good after all of this, something has apparently changed.

The above coincided with me starting to learn more and more on what the ordinary big city person lifestyle actually costs to the other, not so lucky to be born in the Western world people, the other living creatures and finally – the planet. In other words, how the food industry is far from being caring for my well-being.

And finally – I met a pro vegan cook from London, who introduced me to the magical world of vegetables, legumes and so on, what sealed the deal for me.

In the end I found myself fasting about 120 days per year (not for religious reasons, just old humankind tradition – eating seasonal, often raw, vegan food most of the time) and already noticed the difference. At the same time I started reading about health issues caused by excessive consumption of meat and dairies etc., and in a few years decided to adopt a semi-vegan lifestyle. This means I try to avoid meat, dairies, eggs and most of the time. But – nothing radical, I truly believe that one should find their own balance in all things.

This decision had an excellent effect on me, on my looks and mentality, and hopefully – some effect to the rest of the world too 🙂

Since I first started fasting i realised that 99% of what I knew about cooking did not suit what I was willing to eat. So started with some research about how to cook vegan meals and ended coming up with my own recipes.

Next thing was to keep them somewhere, so I started a blog or call it a cookbook. And here’s me willing to share all the thoughts about the topic and most important – all the cooking experience in the world.

We are what we eat, so it should be good. Vegan Is Good!


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